Monolithic Internet is your one-stop shop for planning, programming, designing, building, troubleshooting, maintaining and advertising your web site.  In short, what ever you need done to further your business online, we can help you identify it and do it cost effectively. 

Monolithic – adj. Constituting or acting as a single, uniform whole.

1Planning 2Design 3Construction 4Management 5Advertising

Our Focus

We start from scratch to build a strategic plan for your business' site, online marketing, email marketing, social networking, etc.

This plan informs the rest of our design and implementation process so that you end up with the best possible solution for your business.

Your Focus

You need to be free to focus on building your business, not wasting valuable time and money sorting out what your web site should be doing, learning technical minutiae, sorting out what vendor is doing what, etc.  That’s our job.  Call on us if you have questions. Get the correct answers the first time and keep your focus where it belongs.

Marketing / Advertising

Without a well thought out and executed marketing plan, your web site alone will not acheive it's potential.

We will help you put together this plan and implement effective advertising campaigns to help customers find you.