Monolithic Internet is your one-stop shop for planning, programming, designing, building, troubleshooting, maintaining and advertising your web site.  In short, what ever you need done to further your business online, we can help you identify it and do it cost effectively. 

Monolithic – adj. Constituting or acting as a single, uniform whole.

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Site Development


Development means more than simply designing an attractive web site.  It first requires planning.  How do you sell, service your product, communicate with your customers, follow up after a sale/contact, encourage repeat business, advertise, except payments, etc.? 

Once we have a good understanding of these things, we can work with you to put together a plan for how you will use the Internet and your web site to reach customers more effectively and improve the experience and value they receive from you.

This top-level plan will help you and us understand what you are trying to acheive with your web site, online advertising, email marketing, social networking, etc. It is extremely useful to have such an overall plan/strategy before actually designing your site and specifying advertising and other marketing services. Contact us today for more information.

Design & Construction

Once we have this strategic plan, we design and build a site to meet your needs. We design and program the look and feel you want, intuitive user interfaces, back-end administration systems, e-commerce systems and custom database driven functionality as needed. Whatever you need, our artists and programmers can do it. Contact us today for more information.