Monolithic Internet is your one-stop shop for planning, programming, designing, building, troubleshooting, maintaining and advertising your web site.  In short, what ever you need done to further your business online, we can help you identify it and do it cost effectively. 

Monolithic – adj. Constituting or acting as a single, uniform whole.

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Site Management & Maintenance

Once a site is built it needs periodic review, maintenance, improvements and updating of content to keep it current.  We are always available to make changes, small and large.

More importantly, your online marketing strategy, site functionality and ad campaigns also need periodic review. What is the ROI for your advertising? Are customers getting a good experience from the site? Are there opportunities to reach more people for less? Can social networking sites help drive traffic to your site?

Whatever plan you had when you built your site, it needs to evolve over time like every other aspect of your business.  If you have an existing site that needs any work done or just have questions, please contact us.