Monolithic Internet is your one-stop shop for planning, programming, designing, building, troubleshooting, maintaining and advertising your web site.  In short, what ever you need done to further your business online, we can help you identify it and do it cost effectively. 

Monolithic – adj. Constituting or acting as a single, uniform whole.

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Online Marketing

The Internet is a powerful tool that can be used to find new customers, to create greater value for your customers and to retain them.  In other words, it is a great marketing tool.  We can help you take your existing marketing plan and leverage what the Internet offers to do more, faster and cheaper.  This marketing plan is key to properly defining any development or advertising project.

Online Advertising

Internet advertising can be a cost effective way to reach new customers.  Search advertising, display ads, semantic ads and remarketing ads can be set up easily but require someone with experience creating online ads to make them targeted and cost effective.  This experience is also necessary to properly evaluate the ROI of your online ads and refine them to create a better ROI. 

Opt-in email advertising is also an important tool that should be used to follow up on leads generated by your site (and elsewhere) and to reach out to existing customers.

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